You thought botulinum toxin was just for cosmetic purposes?

The fact that it relaxes muscle has lead to its use in many health conditions, such as chronic migraines and teeth grinding.

Botulinum toxin isn’t a first line therapy necessarily and is usually used after everything else has been tried (and you’ve been extensively investigated to make sure there are no other underlying conditions) and the chronic migraine is severely affecting your quality of life.

It must be placed in certain precise areas and doses according to your headaches and where it starts – the acupoint technique. If it wears off in less than 3 months, the dose or injection sites may need to be increased or varied, respectively.

My experience shows that once you find your optimal dose, effective relief should last 3-4 months, with some of my patients getting 6-9 months or more relief.

For pain relief, botulinum toxin seems to work quicker than for cosmetic purposes, as it works by interfering with pain messages in the central nervous system, like a road block, a different mechanism to relaxing muscles.

Botulinum toxin has the potential to release people from the use of strong medications and their side effects, giving you clearer thinking and improving the quality of your life.

Botulinum toxin for chronic migraines appears to become more effective after several rounds of treatment and may be covered under medical insurance. Contact your insurer to check if this is the case.

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