Let’s Talk About Seeing Results From Appearance Medicine Treatments

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Let’s Talk Results and Having Realistic Expectations

A common question for new patients is “How long until I see results from appearance medicine treatments?” This is a great question, and understanding the timeline is crucial to managing expectations and achieving the best outcomes.

Some patients leave the clinic feeling pleased with their initial results, only to question their effectiveness a few days later. This period of doubt is often due to a combination of unrealistic expectations, a desire for instant results, and the habit of scrutinising your face too frequently.

Here’s a clear breakdown of what to expect:

  1. Patience is Key
    Appearance medicine is a journey that requires patience. Immediate results can be misleading, and the true benefits of treatments like fillers and wrinkle relaxers unfold over time. It’s essential to understand that each step builds upon the previous one, and frequent reviews are part of the process.
  1. Start Small and Build Gradually
    To ensure a natural look we start with small amounts of treatment. After the initial application, we reassess and make touch-ups as needed. This gradual approach helps to avoid an overdone appearance and provides a more harmonious, natural result.
  1. Adjacent Areas Become Noticeable
    Once certain areas are treated, other areas showing the signs of aging may become more noticeable. This is a natural part of the process and can be addressed in subsequent treatments.
  1. Avoid Over-Scrutinising
    It’s easy to fall into the trap of over-studying your face. This can lead to unnecessary worry and dissatisfaction. Instead, give your treatments the time they need to settle and show their full effect.

Expected Timelines for Appearance Medicine Treatments

All treatments have differing time frames to see results.

Anti-wrinkle treatments: Wait up to 2 weeks for results.

Dermal fillers: Results typically take 4-6 weeks to fully manifest.

Skin treatments: Full effects are usually seen within 4-6 months.

Remember, the journey to your desired look is one that requires time, patience, and trust in the process. By understanding and managing your expectations, you can enjoy the results of appearance medicine.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your treatment plan, feel free to reach out. 

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