Cosmetic Medicine Treatments are Not Beauty Treatments

Cosmetic medicine treatments are not beauty treatments

Photo is stock photography and not a OPA Patient.

Make no mistake, cosmetic medicine treatments are not simply beauty treatments like hair, eyebrows and derma planing. They are medical procedures with benefits and risks. We take informed consent very seriously and we’ll guide you through the whole process, so your happy to proceed.  My background in anaesthesia and intensive care, puts safety front and centre.

Part of ensuring we do our best for you, to get the results you’re seeking safely, are our comprehensive aftercare instructions and follow up visits, where we see your initial results and adjust to make you just so.

Follow up is an integral part of your treatment and an expectation from us.

How we work

Our philosophy is to treat lightly, especially the first time we treat you, as we can always add more. This helps reduce your risk of complications and ultimately could reduce your overall costs, too! If you don’t attend for your follow up/ review, you reduce your chances of things working out the way you’d like and increase your chances of complications. Remember, very little can be done over the phone. We need to see you in person. Rest assured we take contact precautions very seriously.

Our philosophy is to get you looking always natural, never fake… to have you looking age appropriate, the best you can be and not like anyone else. In short, looking good and make people wonder how! We also know you may worry about discomfort, and we have many ways to make the treatments as comfortable as possible, such as offering local anaesthetic blocks for certain procedures.

OPA is not a conveyor belt where one size fits all. We can and do think outside the box to get you the results you want and deserve.

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